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Sunday, July 29, 2012

37 Weeks Old!

Feeding ourselves is a highlight of most days for Taylor Poppy. This usually results in peaches, mangos, spinach or whatever she is eating behind her ears and in her hair.  Amongst feeding herself Taylor is also drinking from a sippy cup and crawling all over the place.  And she is speedy!

This week we did more of the usual.  Grocery shopping and traveling.  :)  Taylor is social butterfly.  Loves talking up a storm.  She hung out with her big fans the Vazquezs & went swimming. Then we took a trip to Prescott to see my dearest friend Dana & family.  It was so great seeing her and everyone else.  We had such a great visit.  Next stop Sedona to hang out with my dad for the day.  Taylor really started to catch on to peek-a-boo.  Then back to Phoenix for a quick family get together for my cousin's birthday where Taylor was able to play a little with her cousin Ayden!  So cute together!

Click here for this week's pictures.  Until next week.

Friday, July 20, 2012

36 Weeks Old!

Off to Colorado for a lovely week with friends.  Taylor enjoyed playing with the kids while OZ & I enjoyed hanging out with friends.  Taylor may have thought the biggest event this week was her eating an entire peach or apricot for breakfast or going on her first bike ride. But the biggest event this week was Taylor's sleep training!  We made it over the hump thanks to my dearest friends Karyn & Katie. Taylor probably didn't think that while in Colorado she'd be doing sleep training, but she did, and aced it like a champ.  She's skipping a night feeding and sleeping right through it.  It's amazing! Taylor was a sweet baby girl this week.  She swam in the pool, played in the park, enjoyed the Colorado weather on the Schrom's back patio and strolled with our friend Holly. Life is good.  

Enjoy the pictures from this week here.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

35 Weeks Old!

Eight months old! This girl is getting sooo big! We started off the week with getting fun pictures taken  by our friend Sarah. There are a few she sent me in the pics this week and more to come.
Taylor is a social butterfly. We had a busy week of play dates and swimming. She absolutely loves watching other kids and babies.  It's as if she knows these are her people.
We try to get a little outside time in the cooler part of each day. Taylor loves watching the planes, she'll see one flying and follows it across the sky.  I enjoy just watching her look around and check everything out.  She likes to watch birds as we walk around Tempe Town Lake.  She enjoys being read to, or just eating the books.  haha.  She has a quick hand and goes to grab just about anything in reach.  Then straight to the mouth usually.
She talks to the baby in the mirror and can spend time just gabbing away.  I love the way she watches my mouth as I sing to her or repeat sounds.  It's as if she's really studying how my lips are moving.  Then tries to repeat the sound.

Off to pack.  We enjoyed the week home, but now we're heading to Colorado.  (Taylor's 10th state. ;)
Until next week.  Here are the pictures from this week.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

34 Weeks Old!

Another great fun-filled week.  We visited with friends & family. Grandma Cathy came to visit, so we took a road trip to Sedona, the Grand Canyon & Flagstaff.  Taylor took her first dip in Oak Creek as well.

Some of the big news this week...Taylor is getting up on all fours and starting to crawl.  She can lift her body and reach real hard for something she wants and push with her toes to move forward a little.  I fear Speedy Gonzales crawling is just around the corner. She's already getting into as much as she can. She is so curious.  Loves being outside and looking around.  Taylor spent her first 4th of July in the pool honing her swimming skills, then out to watch fireworks at our friends Kelly & Jose's.  Taylor watched the fireworks in awe.  She would even let out a giggle after some.

Taylor finds the baby in the mirror hilarious. She grabs for the camera when she sees herself in it.  She also has a cute admiration for babies and kids.  Taylor recognizes babies/kids vs. adults. She gets a big smile as if she wants to meet and talk to them.  She's so social.

She recognizes when it's time to eat when I grab her bib.  She loves mangos and cantaloupe.  She can almost sit up on her own.  I sit her up and she'll last for half a minute before tipping over.

Last night she was staring at our pictures of OZ & I.  I grabbed the 8x10 I have framed in our room and she would pat OZ's face, then look at me as if to say, "That's my papa!" This morning when we woke up she saw the picture and was trying to get to it across the bed.  So cute.

She is still sleeping in bed with me, which contributes to mama not getting very good sleep. She was in the bassinet, but I moved it out of our room when we got her crib.  We're working on getting familiar with the crib and her room.  Spending more time in there and napping in the crib.  Also hoping to cut out the middle of the night feeding soon.  Wish us luck.

Until next week. Click here for pictures from this week.