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Sunday, August 26, 2012

41 Weeks Old!

It was another great week with the family.  We all went to Sedona to surprise my dad for his birthday. 

Click here to see the pictures from this week.

It was a fantastic surprise and a wonderful weekend, filled games and good times.  The first annual All Pro Mikey's (mini) Golf tournament went off with out a hitch.  Taylor spent time going from arms to arms of everyone in the family.  She loved it.  She had a great time. She didn't want to miss a thing.  We spent time down by Oak Creek at  Tlaquepaque and lots of time just hanging out on the back porch playing Rummikub & Blokus. 
It was a quiet week back home.  We tried new foods, did I mention this girl loves avocado. She enjoying feeding herself.  It's a long process, but she really enjoys it.  She's drinking out of a sippy cup regularly.  Peek-a-boo is one of her favorite games. Throughout the day she happily sings her coos & makes her little talking sounds, and often quite load.  This girl wants to be heard.  She is moving at a pretty good pace and quite impressed with herself and her mobility.  If I don't buckle her into her bouncy chair on the floor, she will quickly turn over and crawl out legs first to the floor.  She's also pulling herself up on to her knees, not quite to her feet yet.  but soon I'm sure.  
Taylor enjoys her nightly bath, splish splashing and playing with her rubber ducky. Then off to bed.  

Now it's off to bed for me.  
Until next week. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

40 Weeks Old!

Ok, I'm playing a little catch-up.  It's been a busy month.  Taylor had her 9 month check up last week.  She's a whopping 16 pounds.  Growing cuter with every pound!

Click here for lots of adorable pictures.

Last week we were in Enterprise, Oregon. We arrived in the middle of the night and Taylor was awoken in the morning by lots of cutie cousins. It was a house full of people at Papa Shaw's. 25 total, 23 staying there.  OZ's siblings, spouses & all their kids. There were people everywhere, but it was a ton of fun. 
Kristy brought tie-dye and all the kids made tie-dye shirts... (and a onesie for Taylor).   
We spent a couple of days at Wallowa Lake.
In the evening we walked down to Terminal Gravity, the brewery at the bottom of Papa Shaw's hill. Delicious eats and a great beers. They have tables outside and the weather was great. 
Back to the lake the next day for some canoeing, paddle boarding, floating and napping. 
Went to TG that evening with the Hermans, Played a bunch of Mexican Train dominos.
On the way home we stopped to see OZ's brother Joe & the kids. Then off to see his Grandparents and of course play some Pinochle!! Loved it.  Great Grandma & Grandpa love seeing Taylor.  Grandpa gets a big kick out of saying her name and her looking up at him.  

Taylor did great on her flights.  She's definitely becoming more active.  She scoots and moves all day.  She's starting to use her pincher finger to pick up cheerios and food, followed by grabbing her sippy cup for a drink of water to wash it down with. What a big girl. 

Until Next week... 

Friday, August 17, 2012

39 Weeks Old!

Click here for photos from this week.

So we're already on the road again an I haven't even posted the blog from last week.
Currently we are driving from Boise, ID to Enterprise, OR at 3:30am.  We'll be here for 5 days. But more to come on that next week. Back to Maryland ...
Last week ended with us arriving in Maryland for a long awaited visit with the Kules fam. Loved every minute of it. Soaking up all the amazing tid bits of information from the smooth running household of Operation Kules.

In the pictures you'll see Taylor:

Listening intently to Jillian reading her chapter books. 
Apparently the Olympics have the same affect on Ryan as they do on Taylor Poppy. 
A gaggle of kids skyping good morning to the Surakus'
Taylor trying to keep up with speedy Liv, dance party with Jillian & sharing a baby smooch with big boy Evan! 

We made our way back to PHX  made our way to the Harris's for some delicious ribs. (add that to Taylor's firsts.) While there Abby & Hanna taught Taylor the fun of dress-up. Very fun. 

Tried lemon sorbet with Papa, which by the way is also the first "word" Taylor understands. I can ask Taylor, "Where's Papa?" and she will look over at his picture. 

Spent time with Grandma showing her the new silly face Taylor likes to make by crinkling her nose. 

And lastly ending the week spending time with the Pappaioanous in from Carmel, Indy.  They love them some Taylor Poppy and she has no qualms about entertaining them with her endless smiles. 

Off we go. Until next week. 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

38 Weeks Old!

Click here for this weeks photos!

This week Taylor:

  • started the week with a belated family birthday party (super cute photos of Taylor and Kellen!  Taylor could not take her eyes off of Kellen- he made her laugh the whole time and she was quite smitten with him)
  • attended Kenley's baby shower (Taylor loved hanging out with all the ladies.  We were very happy to spend time with Kenley, Artemis & Jamie- Taylor was soaking up all their love and always looks forward to spending time with these girls!)
  • helped Momma and Papa celebrate our wedding anniversary (7 years!)
  • fell asleep watching the Olympics with Daddy
  • watched Mommy's first attempt at curling ribbon for making hair bows (I'm prepping in advance for when she finally grows more hair!!)
  • tried meat for the first time (a trophy elk Daddy hunted out of the Kaibab National Forest! She has already developed a taste for backstrap and can't wait for more.  Good thing, because there's lots of elk in her future!!)
  • went out to lunch with Grandma at Macayo's
  • caught her 19th flight to Maryland to see our good friends the Kules.  (More photos to come next week of our fun here in the East!  We've only been here for one day, but Taylor is really enjoying watching the Kules kids (especially 13 month old Evan) and seems to think they are pretty cool!
  • is expanding her sense of taste.  New foods (in addition to the elk!) are chicken, apple sauce, broccoli and a little bit of cheese sauce.
More to come in 7 days!  Have a great week!