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Friday, September 21, 2012

45 Weeks Old!

Taylor is getting big and independent.  Her personality is really starting to come through.  She likes to do things on her own.  Now that she is mobile she wants to crawl every where.  Taylor is very vocal and loud.  She likes to tell us how she feels about everything.  Usually with a big smile.  She's super active, always squirming and twisting.  She wants to be a part of whatever I am doing.  She is currently twisting around in my lap trying to type on the computer.  

This week Taylor found her tongue, sticking it out like a lizard is her new trick.  She also started climbing stairs with vengeance. She loves to eat big kid food, but we're trying to stick with more blended foods.  Plus the squeeze tubes of pureed fruits and veggies are so easy to travel with and she can feed them to herself.  She ate everything this week from sweet peppers, onions, Uncle BJ's delicious tomatoes, every thing from Aunt Kristy's garden, nibbled on some pizza, loved some mashed potatoes, and even tried a sip of miso soup.  

She enjoys the outdoors.  Loves the fresh air.  We played out side at Aunt Kristy's & Uncle BJ's.  Enjoyed meals outside and just relaxing.  She takes a second to warm up to animals, but then is very intrigued by them.  

We ended the week landing in Virginia to see OZ! We were very excited to see him!  We missed him a lot.  

There are a ton of pictures from this week with cousins & family in Oregon.  Click here to enjoy. 

See ya next week, 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

44 Weeks Old!

This week in pictures will show you:

New Accomplishments:
Taylor is pulling herself up on the furniture.  You will even see our brave girl climbing her nap nanny effortlessly to get up on the couch.  Figured out how to roll over and out of her bouncy chair and use it as a walker.  

Loads of new foods:
Taylor likes oranges / tangelos. She likes a little something sweet. She loves to feed herself and is very excited to do so.  Taylor has learned to grab Cheerios out of the little snack cup. Taylor tried pesto pizza crust and loves it! She has quite the palate.  She tried some Mexican food with Grandpa and PF Changs chinese food with Grandma.  She also tried trout and shrimp. Yum yum!

Visitors & Trips:
We drove up to Sedona to saw my dad & Marilyn for a night.  Taylor enjoys playing with them and relaxing around their house.  Kelly Milner came in for a night before he and OZ headed out to Virginia. We were all able to have a nice dinner together.  Tonight we landed in Portland.  Off to spend more time with family.  We had dinner and hung out with OZ's Grandma Leona & Mom.  We are now at OZ's brother Walt & Hallie's and heading to Pendleton Oregon tomorrow to meet up with more family. 

Taylor was still feeling a little funky at the beginning of the week.  So there were extra snuggles in momma's bed for her in the morning.  Where she would proceed to fall back asleep.  She was also able to watch the big magic box (the t.v.) and zone out a little on some baby development channel.  It was cute how she would giggle at the peek-a-boo show. 

Off for another fun 7 more days. 

Click here for pictures from this week. 


Saturday, September 8, 2012

43 Weeks Old!

Taylor's 2 new tricks this week: Give kisses & High Five! 
This week Taylor:

  • tried pizza & chocolate (loved both. ok... she licked chocolate and gnawed a little on the pizza crust, but it still counts right?)
  • went to Flounder's draft & played with Tressie & Brock
  • fed the turtle at Uncle Poppy's
  • had dinner with Eddie & Ellen 
  • had a bit of a growth spurt.
Taylor is becoming a quick little crawler.  She can really move from place to place I can walk into the kitchen, turn around and there she is following right behind me.  
She likes to talk (really loudly).  She likes to feed herself with both hands.  She uses her little pinchers to grab Cheerios and put them in her mouth.  She had her first fever this week, nothing too exciting, it just made her a little more cuddly and sleepy than usual.  She's back to her old self already.  I thought it might be teething, but still no teeth in sight.  She can high five on command, but we're not clapping on her own just yet.  She does love when you help her clap.  Patty-cake and peek-a-boo (where's Taylor) are 2 of her favorite games. When we talk to OZ on the phone. She smiles at his voice and in a whisper says, "dada", its very sweet. 

See you in 7 more days!  Click here for pictures from this week.


Monday, September 3, 2012

42 Weeks Old!

As you can see morning yoga is paying off!  

Click here to see pictures from this week!

In this week's pictures you'll see Taylor:

  • attended a double surprise party, a bridal shower and Thanksgiving. Last year we had an early surprise Thanksgiving for my sister before she left for London, so we decided to do the same thing this year and combine it with a surprise bridal shower for cousin Debra. 
  • A quick stop in at Mesa Corporate to visit Uncle Poppy, Jonathan & Mrs. Amber.  As Mesa newest flight attendant, she sat through some serious training in Uncle Poppy's office. 
  • helping everyone with their picks at her first fantasy football draft.  She donned her ASU cheerleading outfit for the first time! Lots of pictures of her helping everyone out.  
  • out at Macayo's wishing Corbin a Happy Birthday & visiting with her favorite Wanstens, Matty & Amber. 
  • eating chicken like a big girl. 
  • hanging with cousin Kellen
  • playing & saying good-bye to Aunt Fuzz.
  • and girls lunch out with Ms TC. 
Taylor's newest thing is to crinkle her nose with a big cheesy smile.  She will often do it in response to us doing it to her. She took her first big tumble of our bed. Luckly landing right on a pillow.  She is a pretty tough girl. She likes being airplaned. She thinks it is hilarious if we hold her up and put her on top of our head.  It results in a guaranteed giggle. 

Click here to see pictures from this week of Taylor visiting with everyone. 

More to come next week.