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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

15 Weeks Old!

So I'm playing a little catch- up with week 15.  OZ was gone during the beginning of the week and I left for Portland on the day he was coming home, and left my computer.

This week she was noticeably heavier.  My arms feel like they are getting a workout.  As she's getting bigger / heavier she's starting to enjoy the swing more.  My mom and I were noticing her eyelashes are looking long. They may be light, but they're there.  I love kissing her cute little cheeks & feet.  I'm just enjoying every bit of her.

 Some of the big excitement this week was watching Taylor lay on her playmat and be entertained by the mobile. We had a few dinners out with friends & family.  Taylor got to meet a few more of her cousins this week.  That will probably be a never ending event.  My Uncle Mike and cousin Teresa were in town, we were all able to get together for dinner & breakfast.  Our friend Adrian was in town too, we strolled over  to RA for some sushi.  Taylor is great at going out as long as she's well fed.

The week ended with me and Taylor flying to Portland.  She was excellent on the flight there.  We got in and met up with Grandma Cathy.  She loved just hanging out with her grandma.

Here's a few pictures from Week 15.  Enjoy,


Thursday, February 16, 2012

14 Weeks Old!

Happy Valentines Week! 14 weeks old and sucked her thumb for the first time.  Hopefully not a habit, but it just happened briefly. and it was kind of cute.  Taylor met her new friend William this week and couldn't take her eyes off him. We're looking forward to many play dates with him in the future. She can see herself in the mirror and will stare at herself trying to figure out what's going on with that baby.  It was official the other day, she loves to be held.  She was propped up in the middle of my bed as I was getting ready and she had this funny little cry, while I knew she was dry and fed, all I had to do was pick her up and she'd let out a sigh of relief. A little rocking and she was off to sleep.  She does this new thing where she will nuzzle her face down into my elbow or a blanket when she's tired. It's a little scary, because it looks like she is going to suffocate, but it's as if she wants it really dark to sleep. She does it in her sling too.  She will turn her head all the way down in the crease of the sling. So crazy.  She really enjoys bath time.  She likes the laying in the warm water, but hates getting out.  She's not so happy about that part.

Still waiting for a laugh to emerge.  We get smiles from time to time, but no laughing yet.  We're working on it.  It is cute how she will have a big smile when she's sleeping or when she wakes up and sees her friend the fan, that seems to please her.

There has been much improvement in feeding and napping.  It's such a relief.  She's going down for naps a lot better and sleeping longer. I could hear her on the baby monitor the other day and she woke up in a great mood.  She was just staring at her friend the fan.  Not a lot of cooing just yet, lots of cute little grunts though.

She's definitely gaining weight.  I can feel it in my arms when holding her.  We'll have her 3 month stats soon.

Pictures from this week Here...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

13 Weeks Old!

Another week flew by.  I can't believe our little girl is 3 months old.  I often think she's growing right before my eyes.
This week Taylor spent more time in her nap nanny.  She prefers the nap nanny to tummy time.  Although today she was really propping her self up while laying on my chest.  She can really crank her neck side to side.  She will catch a glimpse of something like the tv or her friend the fan and lock her gaze on to it.  She is spitting up less and going through less outfits a day, that's a plus.  Although she got both momma & papa pretty good this week.
We spent some time with family & friends this week. We took a nice stroll for dinner at Casey's this week after the super bowl.  She's enjoys a nice ride in her stroller.  OZ went Tucson for work and boy do we miss him.  My dad & Marilyn came through town on their way to California.  We were able to get together for a quick dinner and a nice visit at Aunt Jo's house.  It's always nice to see them!
Taylor has some new friends, although she doesn't know it yet. Three friends had babies in the last week or two.  So we're looking forward to meet and greets and many play dates in the future.
Click here for a few pictures from this week.   Off to bed for me.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

12 Weeks Old!

So unlike last week, it seems there is much to report this week.  Taylor is the girl of a thousand faces.  I'll take a handful of pictures and capture a handful of funny faces. She has the furrowed brow face down pat.  She also raises her eyebrows religiously so we can insert captions in her thought bubbles. Tonight she was in her bassinet looking up and suddenly saw her friend the fan, gave him a big smile, then saw her mommy and gave me a big smile. Then looked so surprised to see the fan moving as I turned it on, it was too cute.  Her little cheeks are getting so chubby.  I just want to smooch on her all the time.  She also found her fist this week.  A few times she'll start gnawing away at her them.  We had a lot of fresh air this week.  It was so nice to get out of the house.  We went to our friend Tuffy's birthday party at the park and sat around her fire pit in the backyard in the evening.  She had a smile fest with my mom, then we went for a stroll down Mill Ave for lunch. Maybe all this fresh air has inspired some good nursing and good sleeping.  She's finally nursing a little bit better.  It seems like every other feeding is semi-successful. Then we've had 2 nights of 5 hours of sleep.  She is eating a lot more.  It surprises me how much her little stomach can hold.

Pictures from this week... here

See you next week.