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Thursday, March 29, 2012

20 Weeks Old!

Our week was short and simple.  We had some great visits with friends & family.  We went to Aunt Jo's house for a Friday lunch outdoors.  Taylor finally met up with her cousin Ayden who is the sweetest thing.  We can't wait to do it again. Taylor has more control of her hands this week.  She cutely held her bottle for the first time this week.  She also demonstrated her rodeo hands for us while riding horsey, amongst other things like flipping me the bird.  I think it's adorable how she tries to put her pacifier back in her mouth every which way.  Or pull it out accidentally and put her hands in instead.
Taylor enjoys FaceTime with her cousins. She will smile & coo for her cousins Ally & Abby and you'll see her checking out her very glamorous cousin Bea.  She is also mesmerized by Skypeing with her Grandpa & Aunt Fuzz.
We're having beautiful March weather here and hoping it will last another month so we can take a few more after dinner strolls.
Here are the pictures from this week.  Enjoy!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

19 Weeks Old!

Our little leprechaun is 19 weeks.  Where does the time go? It's been another busy week.  It started off with a quick visit from her Uncle Ike.  Taylor quickly showed what a great baby she can be by smiling, cooing and swiftly falling off to sleep.  Awe... perfect little baby.  Maybe you will get another cousin one day after all.  Post napping we had to take more pictures in our St. Patty's outfit.  Which allowed me to accessorize with a cute little headband & flowers.  I would love to do this every day.  She just looks so dang cute decorated in pink & flowers.  
Our good friends the Nabers are moving to Malaysia so we had a dinner out at the 4 Peaks Brewery with their family then off to Casey Moore's for one last time.  Taylor was a sweetheart and came along as well.  She really is a great traveling baby as long as she has a full belly. We went to breakfast at Harlow's with friends and she fell asleep right in my lap.  She loves to be included in the conversation or to just observe.  
Rolling. I was sure it was going to happen this week, but it didn't, stay tuned thou... very soon it'll happen.  She's about half way there. When laying down she kicks her legs and scoots herself in a circular motion like a turn table.  If she can grab something she will roll up on her side from her back, but not completely over on to her tummy.  Just the circular turning is enough movement for me.  I'm pretty excited about it. Although it makes me realize baby gates are just around the corner.   
Taylor has started to reach out and grab things.  She does still have a bit of clinched fists, but when she gets her little hands clasped on something she's got a death grip.  Then it usually goes straight to her mouth. 
We went to the Ritz for a couple days and cruised around.  Taylor was a big hit.  She was quite vocal while we were there and could be heard from a distance making her announcements.  She did her first 180 degree turn in the crib there.  I laid her down while getting ready, went to pick her up and she's turned herself the opposite direction.
There's a lot more talking / cooing this week. We love it!
And it finally happened.... we got a new 'grocery getter', a Honda Pilot.  Yay, no more 2 doors and room to grow.
Off we go. Click here for pictures from this week.  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

18 Weeks Old!

What a great week!  It flew by too quickly! We had a great time with Papa Shaw & Margie in town. Taylor did a great deal of visiting.  She is really cooing up a storm.  It is music to our ears!  We can't get enough of it.  We took a couple of videos of her entertaining herself with the sound of her voice.  That is if she doesn't have her hand in her mouth.  She is drooling a bit too.  I thought teeth might be coming, but no such luck the doc said.  Looks like that will be little while.

Taylor had her 4 month check-up with shots.  She took them like a trooper.  She gets momentarily upset, then feels sluggish for the day, but surprisingly we were still able to squeeze some smiles out of her.  Anytime OZ or I say, "Hi" to her, she lights right up and gives us a big smile.  It's adorable.
So despite the fact I pumped her full of 5 ounces of milk right before her doctors appointment, she was still just under 10 lbs.
Her stats:
Height: 21inches (0%)
Weight: 9lbs 15ozs (1%)
Head Circumference: 39cm (3%)
She's found her growth curve and staying steady on it.  We are quite pleased!

This week in the pictures you'll see lots of visiting with friends and lots of sleeping.  She just looks so sweet when she's sleeping.  I can't help myself.  Have I told you all how much we love this baby?!

We're looking forward to accessorizing little Taylor's hair with bows and ribbons.  We're hoping for hair one of these days.  Until then... this cute little beanie from Mrs. Trisha Surakus looks just adorable. We can't wait for her to grow into it.

Click here for pictures from this week.  And we'll see you all next week.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

17 Weeks Old!

Time flys when you're having fun! There are couple of cute things Taylor is doing this week, well ok, there are a lot of cute things she does everyday, but for the sake of documenting here is the new stuff.   When you go to give her a kiss, she opens her mouth wide like she is going to eat you. We'll have to teach her to pucker up.  -wink-  I had lunch with a my girlfriend Sarah the other day who has a newborn Cameron.  As Cameron was waking up and ready to eat she started to cry a little.  Taylor was watching her closely trying to figure out what was happening, then started to cry herself.  It was really cute seeing the concern in her face for her little friend.  She would look at Cameron, then look at me, then back to Cameron.  Taylor is a major hand sucker.  If she doesn't have a pacifier in, she will try to get her hand in her mouth.  Sometimes she ends up just sucking on her sleeve if it has got in the way.  She recognizes feeding time and will dive in head first gangbusters ready to eat.  When she falls asleep she will often have one eye slightly open. I'll look at her and smile and she'll smile back, as if she's saying, "I still see you mommy!" It's getting tougher to take pictures of her smiling because when we pull out our iPhones to take a picture. She stops smiling and stares at the little black box looking at her.
She is adorable in the mornings, with her smiles and coos.  She's starting to make more sounds through out the day when something excites her.  She's still loving her playmat and laying under the mobile.  She likes her feet and belly kissed a little.

There are a couple methods to calming her down a little.  She will check out the baby in the mirror, she likes to be airplaned and bounced on her stomach walking.  She some how knows if you sit down and she likes a little fresh air.  Sometimes a quick walk to the mail helps her refocus.  If she gets a little overtired it stinks.  It's those times she fights going to sleep that get a little tricky.

The week ended with Papa Shaw & Margie showing up in town for a week.  There will be more pictures to come.  OZ had a dream last night that Taylor started talking.  She looked right at me and said, "Mom, can I go out and play with my cousins, I won't be home late" and we were in total amazement she could talk, in sentences no less.  ;)

For now... here is Week 17 pictures.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

16 Weeks Old!

It has been a busy week for Taylor. She took her 2nd trip to Portland this week to see her cousins Abby and Allie for their birthdays. It sounds like it was a fun trip for Meg and Taylor but I couldn't join them because I am stuck closing down the SW Border Mission. Taylor had two more very well behaved flights. It won't be too long until she is showing up 15 minutes before her flight and jumping on planes going all over the place just like her Mother. If anyone is going to teach her how to travel it would be Meg. For my sanity sake maybe Taylor will be better at getting to the airport early. Wednesday Taylor got to hangout with Grandma Cathy. She was put right to work probably helping to file papers. I know that is the sweatshop labor Mom used to let me do. Then it was off to BJ and MB's house to see her cousins. I received several very cute pictures with Taylor and the girls. Then on Saturday most of the cousins came over for a birthday party sleepover. Fun was had by all. Mommy and Taylor loved their trip but I hope they were as excited as I was for them to get home. I missed all the little Taylor crying and all the smiles she gives. She is getting better on focusing on you and smiling back. It is very cute. Meg will be back to update next week so don't quit reading her blog because of me. :) OZ

Thanks OZ.  Week 16 we were in Portland hanging with the family. We enjoyed the cooler weather and snuggling up on MB's couch.  Taylor loved spending time with her cousins.  Abby & Ally can really get her smiling.  Taylor was a pretty great traveler.  She still has practically no hair.  What hair she does have is dark.  I thought she was going to have lighter hair, but I'm starting to think it may be a darker brown.  She's doing a half roll, if she is laid on her tummy she will drop one shoulder and roll to her back.  She's about to roll from her back to tummy soon.  She kicks her legs and can move like a turn table.  She's still making some cute faces, you can see them in the pictures this week.  This week we discovered she really likes the airplane hold.  She's sleeping solid through the night.  We're working on 2 solid naps during the day.

Speaking of sleep... She's adorable as she sleeps.
Off to bed for us.
Week 16 pictures here..
See you next week.