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Friday, November 18, 2011

One Week Old!

Already? It's been a whirlwind of a week.  We are slowly but surely figuring things out.  We were able to take her home on the first day.  Everyone was so impressed at what a healthy baby she was for being a 35 week old preemie.  I would like to document her first year of life with weekly updates.  So this just the beginning and what we've learned so far...

  • She loves to have her arms free or up by her face at the least - swaddling them down is a terrible idea.
  • The car seat is way too big for her - OZ and I were so nervous about bringing her home since she is about as big as the buckle that holds her in. (We've since put a blanket under her to raise her up)
  • Her clothes are all way too big.
  • She's been to the doctor 3 times already, 2 weight checks and a hearing test. 
  • She sleeps, eats and pees & poops mostly.
  • She does not like being cold.
  • She has her mom's fingers and her dad's lips
  • She has dimples in both her cheeks.
  • We wake her up to eat every 3 hours and she'll sometimes stay awake for a few minutes after, which we love.
  • She makes lots of sounds that we enjoy... it lets us know she's still breathing.  
She's had tons and tons of visitors, at the hospital & home. The party never seems stops in the Shaw household. We love to be surrounded by our friends and family! OZ is back to work, Taylor and I are getting along just fine. We're looking forward to learning more about her each week.

http://goteamshaw.shutterfly.com/pictures/107   http://goteamshaw.shutterfly.com/pictures/108


  1. Yay Shaw blog! Love it, can't wait to keep up on her here! :) She is beautiful Meg and OZ! Much love awaits you little one!

  2. Love the idea Meg!Post lots and lots of pictures...preferably in sports teams clothes.

  3. I'm so happy that you started a blog for your sweet little bundle. I have found that it is a great way to journal and I love looking back on what I have learned as a mother and all the fun I have enjoyed with my Shea.

  4. Um, I found this, followed the directions, put the site on my Favorites Bar!! I can't wait for all the new stuff. Taylor is so cute. Have you noticed her initials are TP? One question: Are all babies so red or is she just like her namesake?