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Thursday, February 9, 2012

13 Weeks Old!

Another week flew by.  I can't believe our little girl is 3 months old.  I often think she's growing right before my eyes.
This week Taylor spent more time in her nap nanny.  She prefers the nap nanny to tummy time.  Although today she was really propping her self up while laying on my chest.  She can really crank her neck side to side.  She will catch a glimpse of something like the tv or her friend the fan and lock her gaze on to it.  She is spitting up less and going through less outfits a day, that's a plus.  Although she got both momma & papa pretty good this week.
We spent some time with family & friends this week. We took a nice stroll for dinner at Casey's this week after the super bowl.  She's enjoys a nice ride in her stroller.  OZ went Tucson for work and boy do we miss him.  My dad & Marilyn came through town on their way to California.  We were able to get together for a quick dinner and a nice visit at Aunt Jo's house.  It's always nice to see them!
Taylor has some new friends, although she doesn't know it yet. Three friends had babies in the last week or two.  So we're looking forward to meet and greets and many play dates in the future.
Click here for a few pictures from this week.   Off to bed for me.


1 comment:

  1. Aren't you SO loving having a girl?!? Tu- tu cute!!! Love her!