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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

15 Weeks Old!

So I'm playing a little catch- up with week 15.  OZ was gone during the beginning of the week and I left for Portland on the day he was coming home, and left my computer.

This week she was noticeably heavier.  My arms feel like they are getting a workout.  As she's getting bigger / heavier she's starting to enjoy the swing more.  My mom and I were noticing her eyelashes are looking long. They may be light, but they're there.  I love kissing her cute little cheeks & feet.  I'm just enjoying every bit of her.

 Some of the big excitement this week was watching Taylor lay on her playmat and be entertained by the mobile. We had a few dinners out with friends & family.  Taylor got to meet a few more of her cousins this week.  That will probably be a never ending event.  My Uncle Mike and cousin Teresa were in town, we were all able to get together for dinner & breakfast.  Our friend Adrian was in town too, we strolled over  to RA for some sushi.  Taylor is great at going out as long as she's well fed.

The week ended with me and Taylor flying to Portland.  She was excellent on the flight there.  We got in and met up with Grandma Cathy.  She loved just hanging out with her grandma.

Here's a few pictures from Week 15.  Enjoy,


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