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Friday, August 17, 2012

39 Weeks Old!

Click here for photos from this week.

So we're already on the road again an I haven't even posted the blog from last week.
Currently we are driving from Boise, ID to Enterprise, OR at 3:30am.  We'll be here for 5 days. But more to come on that next week. Back to Maryland ...
Last week ended with us arriving in Maryland for a long awaited visit with the Kules fam. Loved every minute of it. Soaking up all the amazing tid bits of information from the smooth running household of Operation Kules.

In the pictures you'll see Taylor:

Listening intently to Jillian reading her chapter books. 
Apparently the Olympics have the same affect on Ryan as they do on Taylor Poppy. 
A gaggle of kids skyping good morning to the Surakus'
Taylor trying to keep up with speedy Liv, dance party with Jillian & sharing a baby smooch with big boy Evan! 

We made our way back to PHX  made our way to the Harris's for some delicious ribs. (add that to Taylor's firsts.) While there Abby & Hanna taught Taylor the fun of dress-up. Very fun. 

Tried lemon sorbet with Papa, which by the way is also the first "word" Taylor understands. I can ask Taylor, "Where's Papa?" and she will look over at his picture. 

Spent time with Grandma showing her the new silly face Taylor likes to make by crinkling her nose. 

And lastly ending the week spending time with the Pappaioanous in from Carmel, Indy.  They love them some Taylor Poppy and she has no qualms about entertaining them with her endless smiles. 

Off we go. Until next week. 


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