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Thursday, August 2, 2012

38 Weeks Old!

Click here for this weeks photos!

This week Taylor:

  • started the week with a belated family birthday party (super cute photos of Taylor and Kellen!  Taylor could not take her eyes off of Kellen- he made her laugh the whole time and she was quite smitten with him)
  • attended Kenley's baby shower (Taylor loved hanging out with all the ladies.  We were very happy to spend time with Kenley, Artemis & Jamie- Taylor was soaking up all their love and always looks forward to spending time with these girls!)
  • helped Momma and Papa celebrate our wedding anniversary (7 years!)
  • fell asleep watching the Olympics with Daddy
  • watched Mommy's first attempt at curling ribbon for making hair bows (I'm prepping in advance for when she finally grows more hair!!)
  • tried meat for the first time (a trophy elk Daddy hunted out of the Kaibab National Forest! She has already developed a taste for backstrap and can't wait for more.  Good thing, because there's lots of elk in her future!!)
  • went out to lunch with Grandma at Macayo's
  • caught her 19th flight to Maryland to see our good friends the Kules.  (More photos to come next week of our fun here in the East!  We've only been here for one day, but Taylor is really enjoying watching the Kules kids (especially 13 month old Evan) and seems to think they are pretty cool!
  • is expanding her sense of taste.  New foods (in addition to the elk!) are chicken, apple sauce, broccoli and a little bit of cheese sauce.
More to come in 7 days!  Have a great week!

1 comment:

  1. Oh sweet Taylor, it was so much fun to meet you. We had a wonderful time visiting with you and I hope you were a very very sleepy baby on the long plane ride home. Thank you for flying to us!!!!