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Friday, October 5, 2012

47 Weeks Old!

This is a Shaw baby! You can tell by that cute little chin, dimples and jaw line. 
It's been a nice week at home filled with friends and family.  

For pictures from this week click here.
  • Taylor played with her little friend Cameron.  They had a great time sharing toys and crawling up and down the nap nanny onto the couch.  We went to 2 farmers markets with the Cranks on Saturday and picked up some delicious veggies and cheese.   
  • We had our friends the Surakus's in town, which always includes a trip to Oregano's with a crew and some sort of house project for Randal.  This visit was no exception.  We walked down to Oreganos for a wonderful dinner, had a nice walk across the bridge on Tempe Town Lake, a swim to cool down in the evening and Shawbucks coffee in the morning (ok it's a blend of Surakus girls coffee method, with honey - thank-you Marilyn, and Nespresso steamed & frothed half & half - thank-you Nancy) and a garage project to end the weekend.  Thank-you guys for visiting! 
  • We had 2 cousin lunches, lucky us! We did our monthly lunch with Timmy & Ryan and a follow up lunch with Timmy, Lonnie & Jason at Garcia's.  
  • We stopped by my mom's for an afternoon and Taylor crawled all over the house. She had a great time playing with Grandma who gave her lots of paper to crinkle and toys to play with. 
  • To end the week the Marr's arrived! Yahoo! Taylor so badly wants to chase & follow Gunni all over, he's just so quick. And very protective! He doesn't want the baby to get hurt.
  • We started reading Dr. Seuss's, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  Taylor gets a kick out of it when I say that, rhyme fast, and she loves flipping through the pages.  She giggles through it. 
Still no 'ma ma ma ma'.  If I ask Taylor to, "Say Mama", she says "Dada".  She gets very excited to see dada on the phone.  She wants to eat what ever I am eating and do what ever I am doing.  If it's folding the laundry, she wants to unfold, make the bed, she wants to unmake the bed, put clothes in the dryer, she wants to take them out of the dryer.  She either feels like she's helping or 'cool, I get to play with this too'. She's a very funny little girl.  I love when she laughs. It's the best thing on earth. 

For pictures from this week click here.

Off for another 7 fun days! OZ gets home today! Yay!


  1. "who is that baby? Who is that pretty girl? Tay tay pop pop? That is what i's call Taylor poppy because I can. Because I want to. I want to see my daddy. I want candy. Mommy?"

    Liv Kules

  2. Mmmm!!! Your coffee sounds great :)


  3. Thanks Liv! Taylor says Hi! And my coffee is delicious this morning! I learned from the best! Xo