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Sunday, October 14, 2012

48 Weeks Old!

Our sweet girl is getting so big.  She's very social, loves to interact with others.  She'll mimic sounds and facial expressions for as long as one will sit and play with her.  She's making motorboat sounds and laughing. She will bump noggins with you as a sign of affection. Taylor likes to play with her toys, crawl around chasing momma and new this week ... she can clap. She will even do it on command.  She's got a mean crawl on all 4's. She's enjoying tons of new foods like grilled asparagus, artichokes, salmon, cauliflower, hollandaise.

We had a busy weekend. OZ came home from Virginia this weekend. We all hung out with our friends  that were in town Holly, Ike, Steph and Gunni came to visit. We went swimming and bbq'ed. Taylor loves seeing other kids and watching Gunni run around and swim. Taylor can't wait to be able to keep up with him.  She is starting to navigate the stairs.  She can pull herself up a stair or two. We hung out with Holly & Kelly for a few. They introduced Taylor to cotton candy.  Funny that she wasn't a fan. We drove to Tucson for a wedding. My cousin Debra got married and Taylor enjoyed the bubble blowing.  

This week we went to Dewey to see our friends Randal & Trisha before they moved back east to Maryland. We had a nice lunch, a nice little hike, and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.  Then onward to Sedona to visit Grandpa & Marilyn. Taylor played blocks, looked at pictures and entertained us playing with Grandpa.  

Also new this week she will wave good-bye.  There may have been a possible mama in there this week. And OZ thinks she's learning German since she will say, Nine, repeatedly. Bye-bye for now. 
Click here for pictures from this week. 

See you in a week, 


  1. Taylor- You are such a happy girl! Randall and Trisha had such a great time visiting with you- They were already VERY anxious to get to MD to spend time with Jillian, Liv & Evan but your sweet face and giggles made them even more excited for baby time! xox- have a great week!

    1. We're just peeping them for you. We're going to miss them on the west coast, but it's one more reason for us to visit the east coast!