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Thursday, March 1, 2012

16 Weeks Old!

It has been a busy week for Taylor. She took her 2nd trip to Portland this week to see her cousins Abby and Allie for their birthdays. It sounds like it was a fun trip for Meg and Taylor but I couldn't join them because I am stuck closing down the SW Border Mission. Taylor had two more very well behaved flights. It won't be too long until she is showing up 15 minutes before her flight and jumping on planes going all over the place just like her Mother. If anyone is going to teach her how to travel it would be Meg. For my sanity sake maybe Taylor will be better at getting to the airport early. Wednesday Taylor got to hangout with Grandma Cathy. She was put right to work probably helping to file papers. I know that is the sweatshop labor Mom used to let me do. Then it was off to BJ and MB's house to see her cousins. I received several very cute pictures with Taylor and the girls. Then on Saturday most of the cousins came over for a birthday party sleepover. Fun was had by all. Mommy and Taylor loved their trip but I hope they were as excited as I was for them to get home. I missed all the little Taylor crying and all the smiles she gives. She is getting better on focusing on you and smiling back. It is very cute. Meg will be back to update next week so don't quit reading her blog because of me. :) OZ

Thanks OZ.  Week 16 we were in Portland hanging with the family. We enjoyed the cooler weather and snuggling up on MB's couch.  Taylor loved spending time with her cousins.  Abby & Ally can really get her smiling.  Taylor was a pretty great traveler.  She still has practically no hair.  What hair she does have is dark.  I thought she was going to have lighter hair, but I'm starting to think it may be a darker brown.  She's doing a half roll, if she is laid on her tummy she will drop one shoulder and roll to her back.  She's about to roll from her back to tummy soon.  She kicks her legs and can move like a turn table.  She's still making some cute faces, you can see them in the pictures this week.  This week we discovered she really likes the airplane hold.  She's sleeping solid through the night.  We're working on 2 solid naps during the day.

Speaking of sleep... She's adorable as she sleeps.
Off to bed for us.
Week 16 pictures here..
See you next week.


1 comment:

  1. Meg, Taylor looks just like you in this photo! She is adorable and can tell you and OZ are having the time of your lives with her. Lynn Winfrey