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Thursday, April 19, 2012

23 Weeks Old!

Taylor has a few new tricks.  Speaking with her eyebrows is the best one. She is also standing, twisting her body, tooting, and listening to her voice.  One of her favorite things to do is stand.  If you hold her up, she would love to stand all day.  OZ loves to show how strong she is and can practically stand on her own with just a little assistance in balancing.  She does have really strong little legs.  OZ thinks she would be the 'strong arm' man in the circus. She can twist her body like a churro.  She'll bury her face into the ground and tries to kick her little legs over.  This usually leads to a little tooting from the twisting. haha.  She has a big voice to go with her growing feet and hands.  She loves to grab her toes and roll around.  She's super active, loves to kick her legs, flail her arms and talk up a storm. She has her crawling position down and will grab at the blanket to try and pull herself forward. Still my favorite moments are when she's calm, sweet and snuggling in to sleep on my shoulder.  We spent some time outside by the pool, loving the fresh air, hoping the great weather will last longer.  We loved our visits this week with old friends and new friends.  Taylor is a very vocal, busy, active little baby and we just love her to pieces! 
For pictures from this week click here

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