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Thursday, April 26, 2012

24 Weeks Old!

My little Bashas' baby! :)  Loves her deer meat!
Another fun, busy week full of visitors & friends.  She's growing so fast. I can't believe it.
This week: She's loving tummy time.  We practiced crawling.  She seems to like it. Today she started zerberting raspberries with her lips. And smiles when we do it to her.  She will also watch our lips and try to imitate what we do when blowing kisses.  She loves when we repeat sounds to her. Her facial expressions are still hilarious, I caught a couple of them in this week's pictures.

I'd love to know what her little baby dreams are about. She sometimes makes faces while she's sleeping.  I caught a picture of her smiling in her sleep.  In pictures this week you'll see Taylor had loads of grandma loving, met more cousins Kim & Nicole & baby Lark (pictures to come).  Lark is my cousin Jami's little girl.  Jamie and I are 3 months apart and Lark is 5 months older than Taylor. They just moved back from Belgium. We've been anxiously awaiting getting these littles together.  Taylor spent time with Aunts & Uncles & family in from Wisconsin too.  She went to her friend Tressie's birthday party.  She visited with Mary Megan in from Thailand.  We had a family dinner at my mom's cousins Lois & Dan.  Dan rocked Taylor for a good hour in the rocking chair.  Taylor is not a big snuggler, she's more of an observer. As Dan rocked her she just sat observing and taking it all in.

Each week is getting better and better.  I love her more and more and can't wait to see what the next week brings.  See you all next week.
Click here to see the pictures from this week.


  1. I enjoyed meeting little Taylor. She is so cute and full of life.

  2. I enjoyed meeting little Taylor. She is so cute and full of life.