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Thursday, May 10, 2012

26 Weeks Old!

6 Months Old! I can hardly believe it.  It really flies by! It seems like there is a bunch of new feats coming with this age.  She can practically sit up on her own, she needs a little support on each side, and sometimes she just tries to eat her toes, but it's there.  While sitting, she will often arch her back trying as hard as she can to push herself up on her feet. Have I mentioned how much she loves standing?  Once standing, she is so curious to look around. Still no rolling over.  She can roll up on one side, back to her back and up on the other side, but not completely over.  She likes her tummy time too.  She so desperately wants to crawl.  This kid, I tell ya is a mover.  She is just dying to go places. (Shopping, I'm sure!) When we lay her on her tummy she will do anything to move forward.  She can get her little legs to push her forward, but then her arms get to her sides and she hasn't quite figured out how to move them back in front of her.  She will bury her face down to see if that helps, but nope, arms are still at her side.  We will move them forward for her and she'll push herself forward again, but then there she is stuck with her arms at her sides.  She'll figure it out, all to soon I suppose.  :) She is one big growing girl.  We had her 6 month check-up today. 

Weight : 13 lbs
Height: 23 inches
Head Circumfrence: 41 cm

Doc said he was very impressed with her development.  She's right on track and all caught up.  He said her motor skills, feeding & brian development are all looking great. He said she'll probably just be a bit on the tiny side. I think she's par for the course.  She's 6 months and wearing 6 month old cloths.  I can't believe how much she is growing.

We went to Portland this week and squeezed in about as much as we could.  Taylor was great once again on the plane rides.  I time her eating right before take off and it seems to work.  She played in the seat next to me most the plane ride home.  The pressure doesn't seem to bother her ears.  She was sucking on her pacifier on the decent into PHX and I think her ears popped at one point based on the look she gave me, but she didn't make peep.  Let's hope & pray this keeps up.  

1st stop in Portland was to see Grandma Cathy & make the office tour.  Of course Grandma loves showing off her adorable baby to everyone at the office.  Next pit stop at Jill's.  Perfect timing for Taylor to have a blowout and quick bath in her sink.  Thanks Jill ~ wink! Next up, a wonderful visit with our friends the Hermans! The kids, Lily, Addie & Bryson put on a show for us.  Lily loved on little Taylor Poppy as much as she could.  She wanted to hold her, play with her, dress her in her ball cap.  She was very sweet with her.  Jenny & Lawrence are old pros at this baby stuff.  I love just soaking them in.  It was, as always, was too short of a visit.  Next stop off to see the cousins! But not before blowout #2.  Only this time I was caught with only a couple wipes and unfortunately one of my favorite little outfits for Taylor was now going in the trash.  A quick pit stop into Target for a new outfit & wipes and we were back on the road. We came to Portland for Ally Maggs 1st Communion, but poor Ally got sick the night before, she was a trooper thou. And fortunately we came out unscathed. We still were able to spend time with Nan & Pop & cousins and had a wonderful visit. Aunt MaryBeth demonstrated how Taylor is about as big as her wine glass, (Francesca). Colton & Abby, Taylor's cousins, love them some baby Taylor and baby Taylor loves them right back.  I wish I could attach their video entertaining her.  I'll have to figure out how to do that. We stayed with my sister-in-law Lisa, where Taylor would constantly try to mimic Ty Ty's faces.  They were very cute together.  We went to Sydney's basketball game and Taylor slept right through the whole thing.  I thought my arm was going to fall off. Did I mention how heavy this girl is getting? Wow! We had quick visits with the Orneals' and Grandma Leona. There's never enough time when we're there.  

In the Pictures this week you'll see Taylor's adorable butt shot and loads of time with cousins & friends. 

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