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Sunday, May 20, 2012

27 Weeks Old!

Oh my sweet little traveling baby.  We were on the road again this week.  Our little Poppy has been a trooper.  Slept right through both flights.

This week....
Taylor met more cousins.
Rolled over for the first time.
Enjoyed a little time around the campfire.
Looks like she is ready to drink out of a cup.
Worked on her hunter safety.
Tried her hand in playing a little pinochle.
And had a couple more successful plane rides.

Her 6 month check-up showed us she's becoming a little chunck-a-muncka!  All her hair on the back of her head has been rubbed off, we are patiently waiting for it to grow back.

The big news this week... drum roll please...  she rolled over.  While we were visiting OZ's Grandma & Grandpa in Oregon, right in front of all 4 of us as we stood around looking at her, she rolled over. She's yet to repeat the performance. We're waiting...   She entertained us for hours of cooing and bubble blowing.  Great Grandma Ruth & Great Grandpa Sam were happy to just have her hang out with us while we played cards. She really lights up a room.  It was nice to see OZ's dad while we were there too. Taylor met more cousins this week in Boise.  We went to the Saturday Market in Eagle and found a cute little owl beanie. Taylor enjoyed a little campfire time. And looks like she is ready to drink out of a cup.  But tap the breaks little girl.  One thing at a time.  She can sit up with props or lean on her belly.  Things are a changin' around here.

Enjoy the pictures!


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