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Thursday, May 24, 2012

28 Weeks Old!

Taylor had a fun filled week.  We celebrated my birthday with friends & family, went to a National Guard event at Talking Stick Resort, went to the Griesbecks wedding, and tried sweet potatoes, although she was more interested in eating her bib that the sweet potato. 

In the pictures this week you'll see we spent some time with my dad.  Who is so handy and helpful, while he was here we hung some sun blocking curtains in Taylor Booty's room. Making it nice and dark for nap time. At Olive & Ivy with friends & family Taylor played with her friend Chance.  I love the little conversation the two of them have going on.  She did great at the Griesbeck wedding & reception, despite being out so late. She enjoyed the gathering and time with the Griesbecks.  We hope Tressie teaches her to dance with enthusiasm like hers. 
My little cutie booty is trying so hard to crawl she can taste it... almost literally... she sees something and wants to put it in her mouth, that seems to be what motivates her to move forward.  She has all the right moves, she just needs to coordinate them.  She's also a little drooling a ton. I suppose teeth may be on their way. Besides wanting to put everything in her mouth, she also wants to sit and stand.  If I move her to a new position, sitting or standing, she stops everything and looks around to see what it looks like from that vantage point.  She's soaking it all in.  

Until next week.  Click here for pictures from this week.

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