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Sunday, June 3, 2012

29 Weeks Old!

A Fantastic Week.  A milestone I've been waiting for.... She laughed!  We were in Page at my Uncle Mike's, OZ was waving a blanket over her and he got a little giggle out of her. She's repeated it a few times now.  I absolutely love it!!

She's started rolling over more.  She rolled over for the second time while we were in Page over the weekend.  And has started to repeat the process.  

OZ is gone during the week and over the weekend we try to get as much in as possible.  Or do something fun. This weekend we went to Page and spent time with my family. It was lots of fun.  We hung out with cousins and visited. There are many 'Meetings of the Minds' pictures. Taylor and her little cousins look as if they are plotting a plan to rule the world.  Or at least how they are going to drive us crazy entertain us in the future. Taylor is a great traveler.  She did fantastic on the trip.  Another happy note my sister returned home from college for the summer.  She was excited to see baby Taylor again, it's been 4 months. 

Click here for the pictures from this week.  Enjoy!


  1. She is darling! I definitely can see OZ in her! Just love those dimples!

  2. Laughing!!!! Ahhhh!!!! She's so so cute!

  3. Taylor, I am thrilled to read that you can laugh. You are beautiful, and now laughter, ah what a joyous little person you are! Hugs and Kisses from another potential road trip!

  4. Hey there. Man, I'd love to get our girls together once again. Ella is crawling and doing quite well at it. I was making dinner last night and felt a tug at my pant leg... yup... it was El - she crawled all the way in from the living room. CRAZY. I love those giggles too. Miss you all!