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Monday, September 3, 2012

42 Weeks Old!

As you can see morning yoga is paying off!  

Click here to see pictures from this week!

In this week's pictures you'll see Taylor:

  • attended a double surprise party, a bridal shower and Thanksgiving. Last year we had an early surprise Thanksgiving for my sister before she left for London, so we decided to do the same thing this year and combine it with a surprise bridal shower for cousin Debra. 
  • A quick stop in at Mesa Corporate to visit Uncle Poppy, Jonathan & Mrs. Amber.  As Mesa newest flight attendant, she sat through some serious training in Uncle Poppy's office. 
  • helping everyone with their picks at her first fantasy football draft.  She donned her ASU cheerleading outfit for the first time! Lots of pictures of her helping everyone out.  
  • out at Macayo's wishing Corbin a Happy Birthday & visiting with her favorite Wanstens, Matty & Amber. 
  • eating chicken like a big girl. 
  • hanging with cousin Kellen
  • playing & saying good-bye to Aunt Fuzz.
  • and girls lunch out with Ms TC. 
Taylor's newest thing is to crinkle her nose with a big cheesy smile.  She will often do it in response to us doing it to her. She took her first big tumble of our bed. Luckly landing right on a pillow.  She is a pretty tough girl. She likes being airplaned. She thinks it is hilarious if we hold her up and put her on top of our head.  It results in a guaranteed giggle. 

Click here to see pictures from this week of Taylor visiting with everyone. 

More to come next week.  

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