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Thursday, September 13, 2012

44 Weeks Old!

This week in pictures will show you:

New Accomplishments:
Taylor is pulling herself up on the furniture.  You will even see our brave girl climbing her nap nanny effortlessly to get up on the couch.  Figured out how to roll over and out of her bouncy chair and use it as a walker.  

Loads of new foods:
Taylor likes oranges / tangelos. She likes a little something sweet. She loves to feed herself and is very excited to do so.  Taylor has learned to grab Cheerios out of the little snack cup. Taylor tried pesto pizza crust and loves it! She has quite the palate.  She tried some Mexican food with Grandpa and PF Changs chinese food with Grandma.  She also tried trout and shrimp. Yum yum!

Visitors & Trips:
We drove up to Sedona to saw my dad & Marilyn for a night.  Taylor enjoys playing with them and relaxing around their house.  Kelly Milner came in for a night before he and OZ headed out to Virginia. We were all able to have a nice dinner together.  Tonight we landed in Portland.  Off to spend more time with family.  We had dinner and hung out with OZ's Grandma Leona & Mom.  We are now at OZ's brother Walt & Hallie's and heading to Pendleton Oregon tomorrow to meet up with more family. 

Taylor was still feeling a little funky at the beginning of the week.  So there were extra snuggles in momma's bed for her in the morning.  Where she would proceed to fall back asleep.  She was also able to watch the big magic box (the t.v.) and zone out a little on some baby development channel.  It was cute how she would giggle at the peek-a-boo show. 

Off for another fun 7 more days. 

Click here for pictures from this week. 



  1. Sweet Taylor Poppy- I can't believe how big you are getting and how SOON we will be seeing you eat/smash your first birthday cake! You are getting to be such a big girl! Have a great week, beautiful!

  2. Love you sweet Taylor, glad to see you are feeling better! Call us on your way back through if time allows for a few rounds of dominos. Let R Buck! Love you Shaws!