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Sunday, December 11, 2011

4 Weeks Old!

It has been quite a week, better late than never.  This mommy business is busy work.  I'm trying to stick to a timeline and stay organized, this week I had little success. Wish me luck!

Taylor is fitting in quite well with our little Shaw family.  She's been to 6 states in 4 weeks.  We discussed with her to stay in this family she needs to be a good traveler.  Turns out she's a Great traveler!  She slept great in the car of course, and we just planned our drives with a few pull over stops to feed, burp and change. Starting week 4 we left elk camp (with 2 elk, by the way) and traveled up to Oregon to see Grandma & Grandpa Shaw.  Boy were they surprised to see us!  We were able to introduce Taylor to OZ's Uncle Bill while we were there too.  We played some pinochle for the night and all the next day, then back on the road we went. On to Lake Tahoe to meet up with the Marrs.  Gunni quickly declared himself her Big Brother.  It was very cute how every squeal she made he would run over and ask, "Does she need her big brother?".  From Tahoe it was a very creepy drive through desolate Nevada back to Page to meet more family. She met more of her cousins. Aubree even made a cute little cheer for her and sweet Ryan just loved on her. Aran came down the street to visit, and she'll meet the rest of the Mowbray household when they're all feeling better. Uncle Pat even came to make sure we weren't making this whole baby thing up. He feels he has the naming rights to new comers in the family and has given her the name Beautilda Beth. Oh dear! We rested for a couple nights at my Uncle Mike's and onward to home in Tempe.  Slowly but surely we'll get to show her off to everyone. ;)

We have a feeding routine down.  I'm slowly trying to get more accomplished in-between feedings.  Her little feet and hands are so cute.  She has really strong neck muscles and is holding her head up really well.  I have to try to get a picture of when she sucks her chin down to her chest and makes her body straight and stiff like a plank. I think she makes the funniest faces. 

I worked on getting the photo's more organized.  Here are a few pictures from this week.  Eventually I'll start taking pictures with this in mind. So far it's all been snap shots from my phone.  http://goteamshaw.shutterfly.com/pictures/202

On to week 5.


1 comment:

  1. Meg, I think you are doing a beautiful job of accomplishing a lot! She's gorgeous. Love you!