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Friday, December 30, 2011

7 Weeks Old!

And growing like a weed.  :) Taylor's first Christmas was this week.  She was spoiled by family and friends.  We can't wait to put her in all the cute outfits! We made it home from the holidays.  Again Taylor was an amazing traveler!  Not a peep on the plane.  It's as if she knows exactly what to do.

We had a doctors appointment the day after we came home and she is a whapping 6 pounds 11 ounces! She's 19 3/4" long and 35 cm head circumference. All in the 1%!  Strong and steady growth.   It's amazing!  She's grown out of her preemie clothes.  She has big blue eyes.  She likes to talk a lot and staring at the ceiling fan is her new favorite thing to do.

Week 7 photos... http://goteamshaw.shutterfly.com/pictures/310


  1. This photo is classic! Lol! Love you guys- thanks for the update and happy new year!

  2. This picture is SO awesome. It makes me smile so big every time I look at it!

    I cannot believe you did not include this in the update, so I am including it in the comment section, so she'll have it forever.

    TAYLOR GOT TO MEET THE HERMAN FAMILY THIS WEEK. It was so awesome, but not nearly enough time together. We were so happy to find time to catch up, even if it had to be between the hours of midnight and 3am. All worth it. During coffee time and breakfast, Lily loved holding her and could have done so foooorrrrever, and Jenny just could not get enough of this tiny little ball of joy! :) So grateful that it was in the cards for us to see each other, and we'll take what we can get, every time!

    Okay, there, it is IN the record books. Love you Meg Meg, love you Taylor!