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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

5 Weeks Old!

Ok, let's be real.  There are truly not enough hours in the day.  I thought I was busy before... How do moms of 3 & 4 do it?!?!  Week 5 has been a little more challenging.  We're back home and all I can see is a million projects needing to be completed, errands to run, to-do lists to complete, Holy Cow it doesn't end. In the mean time Baby Taylor is as sweet as can be.

At the beginning of this week we had Taylor's check-up.  She's up to 5lbs 9ozs.  She's put on a whole pound since birth.  You can see the difference in her cheeks.  She's filling out nicely and getting a little more meat on her bones.  This week was also Taylor's actual due date, so we're cutting her some slack on keeping us up so much the last 4 weeks and letting her have a fresh start.  haha.  We cut her nails every other day it seems like. They grow like weeds and are as hard as ... well, nails.  lol. Therefore her hands are rarely exposed.  We keep her in outfits with sleeve cuffs mostly or put mittens on her (which usually slide right off and we find ourselves putting them on repeatedly). Her eyes are getting lighter with more of a blue hue to them.  Her hair is becoming a bit more thinner and more like a peach fuzz.  We are working on a more of a sleep routine now.  We're having bath time every night, less stimulation, a little reading from momma & papa before off to sleep.  She really seems to like the sound of our voices and it seems to relax her.

She did some visiting this week.  After her check-up we went to my mom's for a visit and took pictures with the gingerbread men.  I think we also did this when I was a baby.  We went by Mesa Airlines to bring some baby cheer and see some of the folks we haven't seen yet.  We went by OZ's office so papa could show off his little bundle of joy.  At OZ's office Major Sweeny made a cute point about babies I hadn't noticed before.  That when babies hold their arms up they barely reach the top of their head, as the ratio of their head is about 1/3 of their total size.  She had her first trip to the hair salon at Dre's with me and she was a perfect angel. She met some of my girlfriends this weekend.  We took her to the Tempe Town Lake Parade of Lights with the neighbors.  And to end week 5 a nice visit with my dad who absolutely can not get enough snuggle time in with her!

Tonight we saw OZ's baby picture.  She definitely looks like him, with my eyes.  I wish I could capture a picture of her dimples.  I can't wait for her to start smiling.

Until next week... http://goteamshaw.shutterfly.com/pictures/252



  1. I LOVE her looking at the Tiffany's catalogue with you and havin' a drink with OZ. Such a Shaw :) Thanks for the update! She is getting big!!

  2. She's so adorable! I hope we can see her sometime soon. Have a Merry Christmas!