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Thursday, March 8, 2012

17 Weeks Old!

Time flys when you're having fun! There are couple of cute things Taylor is doing this week, well ok, there are a lot of cute things she does everyday, but for the sake of documenting here is the new stuff.   When you go to give her a kiss, she opens her mouth wide like she is going to eat you. We'll have to teach her to pucker up.  -wink-  I had lunch with a my girlfriend Sarah the other day who has a newborn Cameron.  As Cameron was waking up and ready to eat she started to cry a little.  Taylor was watching her closely trying to figure out what was happening, then started to cry herself.  It was really cute seeing the concern in her face for her little friend.  She would look at Cameron, then look at me, then back to Cameron.  Taylor is a major hand sucker.  If she doesn't have a pacifier in, she will try to get her hand in her mouth.  Sometimes she ends up just sucking on her sleeve if it has got in the way.  She recognizes feeding time and will dive in head first gangbusters ready to eat.  When she falls asleep she will often have one eye slightly open. I'll look at her and smile and she'll smile back, as if she's saying, "I still see you mommy!" It's getting tougher to take pictures of her smiling because when we pull out our iPhones to take a picture. She stops smiling and stares at the little black box looking at her.
She is adorable in the mornings, with her smiles and coos.  She's starting to make more sounds through out the day when something excites her.  She's still loving her playmat and laying under the mobile.  She likes her feet and belly kissed a little.

There are a couple methods to calming her down a little.  She will check out the baby in the mirror, she likes to be airplaned and bounced on her stomach walking.  She some how knows if you sit down and she likes a little fresh air.  Sometimes a quick walk to the mail helps her refocus.  If she gets a little overtired it stinks.  It's those times she fights going to sleep that get a little tricky.

The week ended with Papa Shaw & Margie showing up in town for a week.  There will be more pictures to come.  OZ had a dream last night that Taylor started talking.  She looked right at me and said, "Mom, can I go out and play with my cousins, I won't be home late" and we were in total amazement she could talk, in sentences no less.  ;)

For now... here is Week 17 pictures.


1 comment:

  1. I love baby kisses! I look forward to those with Autumn. Hope to see you guys again soon!