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Thursday, March 15, 2012

18 Weeks Old!

What a great week!  It flew by too quickly! We had a great time with Papa Shaw & Margie in town. Taylor did a great deal of visiting.  She is really cooing up a storm.  It is music to our ears!  We can't get enough of it.  We took a couple of videos of her entertaining herself with the sound of her voice.  That is if she doesn't have her hand in her mouth.  She is drooling a bit too.  I thought teeth might be coming, but no such luck the doc said.  Looks like that will be little while.

Taylor had her 4 month check-up with shots.  She took them like a trooper.  She gets momentarily upset, then feels sluggish for the day, but surprisingly we were still able to squeeze some smiles out of her.  Anytime OZ or I say, "Hi" to her, she lights right up and gives us a big smile.  It's adorable.
So despite the fact I pumped her full of 5 ounces of milk right before her doctors appointment, she was still just under 10 lbs.
Her stats:
Height: 21inches (0%)
Weight: 9lbs 15ozs (1%)
Head Circumference: 39cm (3%)
She's found her growth curve and staying steady on it.  We are quite pleased!

This week in the pictures you'll see lots of visiting with friends and lots of sleeping.  She just looks so sweet when she's sleeping.  I can't help myself.  Have I told you all how much we love this baby?!

We're looking forward to accessorizing little Taylor's hair with bows and ribbons.  We're hoping for hair one of these days.  Until then... this cute little beanie from Mrs. Trisha Surakus looks just adorable. We can't wait for her to grow into it.

Click here for pictures from this week.  And we'll see you all next week.



  1. Aw! Too bad you didn't post head circumference before she made the hat!! :)

    She's such a sweetie!! I jUst want to squeeze her!! Bring that baby to me!!!!

  2. She's such a cute little peanut! Love the hat. She'll grow into it in no time!