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Thursday, March 22, 2012

19 Weeks Old!

Our little leprechaun is 19 weeks.  Where does the time go? It's been another busy week.  It started off with a quick visit from her Uncle Ike.  Taylor quickly showed what a great baby she can be by smiling, cooing and swiftly falling off to sleep.  Awe... perfect little baby.  Maybe you will get another cousin one day after all.  Post napping we had to take more pictures in our St. Patty's outfit.  Which allowed me to accessorize with a cute little headband & flowers.  I would love to do this every day.  She just looks so dang cute decorated in pink & flowers.  
Our good friends the Nabers are moving to Malaysia so we had a dinner out at the 4 Peaks Brewery with their family then off to Casey Moore's for one last time.  Taylor was a sweetheart and came along as well.  She really is a great traveling baby as long as she has a full belly. We went to breakfast at Harlow's with friends and she fell asleep right in my lap.  She loves to be included in the conversation or to just observe.  
Rolling. I was sure it was going to happen this week, but it didn't, stay tuned thou... very soon it'll happen.  She's about half way there. When laying down she kicks her legs and scoots herself in a circular motion like a turn table.  If she can grab something she will roll up on her side from her back, but not completely over on to her tummy.  Just the circular turning is enough movement for me.  I'm pretty excited about it. Although it makes me realize baby gates are just around the corner.   
Taylor has started to reach out and grab things.  She does still have a bit of clinched fists, but when she gets her little hands clasped on something she's got a death grip.  Then it usually goes straight to her mouth. 
We went to the Ritz for a couple days and cruised around.  Taylor was a big hit.  She was quite vocal while we were there and could be heard from a distance making her announcements.  She did her first 180 degree turn in the crib there.  I laid her down while getting ready, went to pick her up and she's turned herself the opposite direction.
There's a lot more talking / cooing this week. We love it!
And it finally happened.... we got a new 'grocery getter', a Honda Pilot.  Yay, no more 2 doors and room to grow.
Off we go. Click here for pictures from this week.